In The Shadows

The name is Alexis, but she perfers Lexi. Lexi is a normal 18 year old girl, until she meets him.. She feels like she's being followed. When her follower comes out of the shadows will she fall in love with the mysterious boy, or be afraid?..


3. Chapter 3

When we arrive at the ice cream parlor my mood instantly brightens.


Me and Mel walk into the parlor giggling at the joke she just made.


I order a cookie dough ice cream, and she orders a regular chocolate ice cream.


After we pay we go sit down at a table, and start talking about girly stuff.


"Okay do you like dragons?" I ask her.


It's a joke I saw on twitter.


"Umm yeah?" She says confused.


"Cos' your gonna like when I'm draggin these nuts across your face!" I yell.


We both burst into laughter.


I put my head into my hands and continue laughing until my stomach hurts.


I start coughing and lift my head up.


I turn my head but someone familiar catches my eye.


It was the boy from the carnival..


Mel catches my glance, she looks over at him too.


"Ooo he's cute!" She whispers to me.


I look away nervously and clear my throat.


"Lexi he was checking you out!" She whisper screams.


I fake laugh. "I'm sure he wasn't.." If only she knew what was really going on..



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