In The Shadows

The name is Alexis, but she perfers Lexi. Lexi is a normal 18 year old girl, until she meets him.. She feels like she's being followed. When her follower comes out of the shadows will she fall in love with the mysterious boy, or be afraid?..


2. Chapter 2

We've pretty much rode every single ride here.


But I'm alittle uneasy, I just have this weird feeling that someone is watching me. Do you ever get that feeling?


While me and Mel are in line waiting for the ferris wheel I start to get really nervous.


I look around and sure enough there is a guy by the ticket booth watching me. He's tall and has curly hair.


Our eyes meet. He smirks at me. I look away anxiously, thoughts running through my head.


What if he's a rapist? He could be a killer! Idk..


My thoughts get interupted by someone shaking my shoulder.


"What?" I say totally confused.


"What's wrong Lex? It looks like you've just seen a ghost." She says worriedly.


"It's nothing, can we just go and get our ice cream?" I ask impatiently, wanting to get away from here.


"Yeah sure?.." She says.


I look back at the ticket booth to see if he was still there, but he was gone.


Something about him made me uneasy.

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