In The Shadows

The name is Alexis, but she perfers Lexi. Lexi is a normal 18 year old girl, until she meets him.. She feels like she's being followed. When her follower comes out of the shadows will she fall in love with the mysterious boy, or be afraid?..


15. Chapter 13

I wake up and turn over.


Well I tried to.


Harry had my body pushed up against his in spooning position.


I guess we fell asleep on the couch?


I try to prive his arms off of me but that resulted in me falling off the couch.


I landed with a thump.


Harry turned over and looked down at me.


He starts laughing for about 5 minutes then finally stops.


"Shutup." I say slapping his arm.


He gets off the couch and helps me up.


I then notice he is shirtless.


Wow he is fit.


He has two wing tatoo's on his chest and other ones. Its quite attractive.


"Wanna go out to breakfast?" I ask.


"Sure." he says while putting his shirt back on.


I decide to just go in my pajama's because Im too lazy to change.


When we arrive we are seated at a table for two.


Harry orders eggs and bacon and I order some pancakes.


We finish eating and Harry stands up.


"Im gonna go to the bathroom, you wait by the door." He states.


I wait by the door like he said.


A guy walks out the bathroom, he is stumbling over his feet.


He's drunk for sure.


His eyes scan over my body.


I scoff.


He walks over to me and puts both of his hands on the wall, trapping me in the middle.


"Whats a pretty girl like you standing out here all alone?" He whispers in my ear.


"Im waiting for someone." I say bluntly


I try to shove him off to the side but he doesnt budge.


"Aw come on baby dont be that way." he says. I can smell the alchol in his breath.


"Fuck off." I spat.


He smirks and puts one of his hands on my waist.


"I said fuck off." I say pushing him back harder.


He stumbles back slightly from his drunken state.


Harry comes out of the bathroom just in time to see me push him back.


"Hey, screw off." He says angerly.


His jaw clenches as he balls his hand into a fist.


I know he is about to punch him so I grab his arm.


"Harry please dont hurt him.." I say quietly.


I already know he can from what I've seen with Adam. If I wasnt there Adam would probably be dead now.


His jaw stays clenched as he watches the guy stumble out of the restraunt


"Come on." He says.


We leave the restraunt after he pays.


He slams his car door while he gets in.


"What the fuck was that?!" He yells.


I scoff.


"What, you think I wanted that to happen?!" I protest.


His eyes stay on the road.


"You get into so much shit!" He says back.


"I can handle myself, i dont need you to protect me." I spat.


He laughs. 


"If I hadent been there, he would've probably raped you! And do you really think that you would be a match against him?" He says, his voice rising again.


I dont say anything. I can feel feel tears welling up in my eyes.


I wipe my eyes and cough.


"Lexi please dont cry." He begs.


I dont say anything, I just stare out the window while the tears roll down my face.


His car pulls up outside of my house.


I step out.


"Lexi." He whines.


I slam the car door and take out my keys for my house.


I open the door then lock it once Im in.


I slide down the wall and cry.

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