White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu


This is a romantic love story;

This is a bloody killing story;

This is a story of vampires, werewolves, zombies and a white fairy fox from Chinese myth.

Writer, David Wiener, who moved to a small town called Lily Valley, which was located in a beautiful secluded valley. It looked like a heaven in the world.

David was curious about everything, so he sneaked into the restricted area of the town, which was a thick forest. He heard the sound of running and the howling of animals.

David Wiener walked forward very carefully, and saw a pack of wolves were chasing a white fox…


2. White Fairy Fox(Prelude Two)

White Fairy Fox(2)

 Created by Judy F. Liu


Daniel Brady, who looks like around twenty years old even though he has already lived in the world for over three-hundred years. He still has his young figure just like the day when he changed into a vampire. He is a handsome man with a pair of blue eyes.


One morning, three persons burst into his house while he was cooking breakfast.

The intruders were two men and a girl. Daniel knew the leader whose name is George, a portly middle-aged man, Defence Minister of the vampires. The other two, standing behind him, was a tall strong black man, and a white girl with a perfect figure and beautiful face.

“Daniel, the King want you to finish an important task,” Said George.

Daniel didn’t speak a word. He just put the cooked egg onto a plate, scrubbed his hands just like there was only him in that house.

George said to him, “The king has been tipped off that there will be a white fox fairy coming to the Great Britain in a few days. She would go to Lily Valley to look for the man who saved her life. She has something important that the king needs. So the king has ordered that you bring her to him alive. Oh, well, she will show up as a Chinese girl not a white fox and her name would be Rachel Yang,”

“All right!”

George gestured to the other vampires to come close and said, “Look, this is John and Jane, who will assist you to finish this job.”

The two people took a step forward and said hello with a smile, but Daniel just pretended not to see them. He carried his breakfast to the table and enjoyed every bite.

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