White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu


This is a romantic love story;

This is a bloody killing story;

This is a story of vampires, werewolves, zombies and a white fairy fox from Chinese myth.

Writer, David Wiener, who moved to a small town called Lily Valley, which was located in a beautiful secluded valley. It looked like a heaven in the world.

David was curious about everything, so he sneaked into the restricted area of the town, which was a thick forest. He heard the sound of running and the howling of animals.

David Wiener walked forward very carefully, and saw a pack of wolves were chasing a white fox…


6. White Fairy Fox(Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

 Created By Judy Feng Liu(Judy F. Liu)

AFTER A SHORT chat with the young couple at the next door, Rachel went back to her house.

David was writing his novel on his computer on the table.

Rachel took a carton of milk and poured half a glass for herself. She took a sip then she asked David, “Do you want something to drink?”

“I’ll have me a beer, please.”

Rachel handed him a can of beer.

“Thank you.” David pulled the ring and began to drink.

“What are you writing?

“A novel mixed with all the kinds of monsters from all the countries in the world.”

“Oh?” Rachel sat next to him with curiosity. “But maybe you have only written about the Western world, you haven’t written anything about the rest of the world, have you?”


“What do you know about China?”

“There are a great many monsters in Chinese mythological books. According to the books, anything could change into human’s form if it has existed in the world for long enough time. And also, it could have magic powers. But they would have different powers depending on what things they were and how long they had been on earth. ”

“It seems you know quite a lot.”

“Nah, just a little bit.”

“You are so modest. Okay, well, what else do you know?”

“I also know that the most famous monsters in the Chinese books are the fox fairies.”

“Why do you use monster, you should use the word ‘fairy’.”

“Oh, okay, sorry if you think it’s rude to use the word MONSTER.”

“It’s okay.” Rachel smiled at him, “No worries. Tell me more about what you know.”

“In those stories, the fox fairies would change into beautiful girls. And they would get men’s energy, otherwise known as Yang Qi, which is what you call it. Whoever slept with them would become thinner and thinner and in the end died from exhaustion and weakness.”

“So, do you know what would happen if the Chinese fairies left China?”

“Uh, I..I don’t think I know a lot about that.” David turned his body face to Rachel, “It said that if the Chinese fairies go to other places in the world, their magic and their power would be weaken, or even completely go. But…”

“But…What?” Rachel also turned her body face to David completely.

“You are gorgeous!” David stared at Rachel, and moved his face to hers.

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