White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu


This is a romantic love story;

This is a bloody killing story;

This is a story of vampires, werewolves, zombies and a white fairy fox from Chinese myth.

Writer, David Wiener, who moved to a small town called Lily Valley, which was located in a beautiful secluded valley. It looked like a heaven in the world.

David was curious about everything, so he sneaked into the restricted area of the town, which was a thick forest. He heard the sound of running and the howling of animals.

David Wiener walked forward very carefully, and saw a pack of wolves were chasing a white fox…


5. White Fairy Fox(Chapter 3)

White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu

Chapter 3


DANIEL TOOK HIS two henchmen away from Rachel’s residence, back to their own house located in the middle of the town.

On their way back, John talked non-stop. He said they shouldn’t go back without trying to get that white fox. He said there were three of them, and on the other side were only two werewolves…

John complained incessantly, he said it was a very simple task, but Daniel was so timid, and he was too scared to get into fight with werewolves to finish their task.

“My girlfriend and I wanted to go to France after this job was done. But this seems like a difficult case, I’m not sure if we will get away as soon as we’d hoped…”

With a cold look on his face, Daniel didn’t say a word on the way home. But suddenly, he started to choke John with his two big hands when they stepped into their house.

Daniel said, “I AM older than you more than two hundred years, your strength, your speed couldn’t challenge my authority. I don’t need you to tell me what I should do! What I did before was because I considered the overall situation. We would die an ugly death if we fought with them. Don’t you know the man is a famous vampire killer? You idiot!”

John began to tremble with fright.

“Listen, you won’t do anything stupid without my order!”

John continued to nod while he was trembling. Daniel released him and walked to the counter, pouring a glass of wine for himself, and said, “You don’t need to stay, go back to your room and have a rest.”

“Daniel,” Jane suddenly said.


“What are we going to do next?”

“I don’t know yet. But what I do know is that it will be more difficult to get that white fox due to those two werewolves who will probably help her from now on. We shouldn’t do anything rash.”


“I WILL tell you when I have an idea.” Daniel waved his hand, let them leave.

At that moment, they heard the sound on a loud siren outside.

About three or four police cars stopped at the front gate of their neighbour’s house.

“What’s happened?” asked John, he walked to the window.

Daniel still stood behind the counter, tasting his wine with a straight face.

Jane moved closer to John so now they were both looking out of the window. The policemen began to block the neighour’s house. After a while, several policemen carried out a body on a stretcher.

“Who has dead? What’s happened?” John murmured.


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