White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu


This is a romantic love story;

This is a bloody killing story;

This is a story of vampires, werewolves, zombies and a white fairy fox from Chinese myth.

Writer, David Wiener, who moved to a small town called Lily Valley, which was located in a beautiful secluded valley. It looked like a heaven in the world.

David was curious about everything, so he sneaked into the restricted area of the town, which was a thick forest. He heard the sound of running and the howling of animals.

David Wiener walked forward very carefully, and saw a pack of wolves were chasing a white fox…


4. White Fairy Fox(Chapter 2)

White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu

Chapter 2


RACHEL CAME DOWN from her room on the second floor after she heard the commotion downstairs.

She ran down and asked David, “What happened, what was all the noise about?”


“There were three people who came and said that they were your friends, and then these two showed up…”

“Nice to meet you, Rachel. I’m Gavin, and this is my girlfriend Maria. We live next door, and we know them, they are bad people who always cause trouble for new single girls.”

“Nice to meet you! Come in please!” said Rachel.

David glanced at Rachel with a look that said he did not want them to come in, to his relief they turned down the invitation.

“Oh, no, thank you, we just live next door, maybe you can come to our house instead?”

“Sure, I would like that” Rachel replied happily. But David said that he could not go because he had a lot of work to do, he needed to finish his new novel.

Rachel went with the young couple to their house. It was the same size as hers, even the decorations were almost the same.

“Want something to drink?” asked Maria.

“Yes, please!”

“Coffee or juice?”

“Black coffee, please!”

Rachel was invited to sit on the couch and Maria handed her a cup of coffee.

“Thank you!” Rachel said.

“Do you know who those three people are?” Maria asked Rachel.


“Yeah, but, how do you know?” Gavin asked.

“I counted it on my fingers before I came here. I know vampires want to catch me, but there are two werewolves and my roommate will help me. But that is as far as my magic goes, there are things-here which are beyond my power because I’m not in China. I can only know a little bit about my future.”

“What do you mean you count your fingers?”

“In China we predict the future by counting our fingers like this…”  She began to count each finger carefully.

“Got it. So, you know we are werewolves, right?” asked Gavin.


“Are you a Chinese witch?” asked Maria.

“Not exactly,” said Rachel, “I can use my magic to do a lot of things in China. I can change into everything if I want to; I can know every person’s lifetime and previous lives; I can fly and I can freeze people for a very long time. But everything changes when I come here. I can only freeze people for a minute.”

“So you are a shifter?”

“To be honest, I don’t know what kind of thing I am. I can live a very long time and after I practice Buddhism enough I could be a fairy.”

“My, my!”

“Well, I come here to find the man who saved my life a long, long time ago. But I don’t know who he is now since he is a British guy after several reincarnations. I only know I could find him in this town and on his left ass there is a clear blue mole.”

“Well, in this case, it’s very difficult to find, because you couldn’t ask everybody to take off their trousers.” Maria said.

“I know. Don’t worry, leave it to me. I can figure it out.” Said Rachel, “So, how do you know me? Why do you want to help me to fight with vampires?”

“We heard the story from two vampires when we went to the club the other night. It’s a long story, we will tell you later. And as to why we help you, it’s a simple reason, simply because we don’t want our werewolves to become extinct in the world.”


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