White Fairy Fox

Created by Judy F. Liu


This is a romantic love story;

This is a bloody killing story;

This is a story of vampires, werewolves, zombies and a white fairy fox from Chinese myth.

Writer, David Wiener, who moved to a small town called Lily Valley, which was located in a beautiful secluded valley. It looked like a heaven in the world.

David was curious about everything, so he sneaked into the restricted area of the town, which was a thick forest. He heard the sound of running and the howling of animals.

David Wiener walked forward very carefully, and saw a pack of wolves were chasing a white fox…


1. White Fairy Fox (Prelude One)

Created by Judy F. Liu




IN THE DEPTHS of some mountains, which were covered by thickset trees, with wild flowers all over the mountains and plains. The branches were swaying in the wind, just like a group beautiful girls dancing among the flowers. The wild flowers exuded slight traces of a faint scent, drifting into the distance with the wind, drifting into a cave which was hidden at the bottom of the mountains.

There was a pure white fox lying down with her paws tucked under her belly in the cave. She opened her eyes slightly when she smelled the fragrance of flowers. A golden light appeared at the entrance of the cave.

The fox stepped forward and kneeled down on the ground immediately with respect, “Meet patriarch”

The patriarch, who was sitting on a cloud, told her to stand up, and said, “Up to now, you have been practicing Buddhism for a thousand years. It’s time for you to repay your debt, which you owed five hundred years ago.”

“Yes, Patriarch!” after the fox replied she wanted to leave.

“Where are you going?” said the Patriarch.

“The human’s world!”

“Do you know where you can find the person who saved your life?”

“The human’s world!”

“Nonsense, the world is so big, how do you know where you can find him?”

“I…I have the magic power, I can count my fingers and I will find him!”

“No, you are wrong, where you will go is not in China, but the transoceanic England. That place is so far away, you have to go there and find him, he is British, after several reincarnations he is no longer Chinese. ”

The fox was confused and glared at the Patriarch in bewilderment.

The patriarch told her that she would need to learn everything about Great Britain before she went. OR, she wouldn’t find the man who saved her life and would be in danger of losing her life. Because, once she arrived there, her magic wouldn’t be useful anymore. Furthermore, she was not able to change into many kinds of people, only into a fox and one person.

In the end, after the patriarch told the white fox that she would encounter vampires and werewolves, she said, “You have to protest your INTERNAL DAN, if you lose it, you can’t change into a human and after you turn back into a fox, you will die in a week if you don’t come back to China.”

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