A poem about WW1.


1. Second Thoughts

There was no second thought for you,

"Come on lads!" they cried,

you went along with it too.


You were naive,

you were foolish and you were young.

Once there you found the truth,

soon to be with your punctured lung.


The gas attack had caught you off guard.

By the time you knew it was coming you were doomed,

now you lie there, deaf, dumb and blinded by your youth.


There was no second thought for you,

not when the attack was planned at least.

It's dog eat dog for you and the hun,

no, there was no second thought for you when

the bullet was fired from the gun.


Now I sit here fifty years on,

one of the lucky ones.

A minute of their lives is all we ask,

but they don't give a second thought to you.



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