Heaven Sent

Blue eyes, dark hair over one eye, pale skin...
Who is the mysterious boy that saved Nahla on the night of the fight?
Why is he here? For her sake? Well, Roux is no ordinary guy... Doing what he does is difficult. Not to break the law, bend the rules, to be with her... but, they can get away with it. Can't they?...


22. Roux

I am totally over joyed! The case, actually went in our favour! "You two, gentlemen." The Judge, indicates the other guards by the door. "Take these two back down to earth. You, see her off." He turns to us. "Remember though, sworn to secrecy." We nod in agreement. Then, the last thing we see, is the bright court room. The jury moving out of the doors, a bright light, when... Thump! We are back down on earth, again. 

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