Heaven Sent

Blue eyes, dark hair over one eye, pale skin...
Who is the mysterious boy that saved Nahla on the night of the fight?
Why is he here? For her sake? Well, Roux is no ordinary guy... Doing what he does is difficult. Not to break the law, bend the rules, to be with her... but, they can get away with it. Can't they?...


14. Roux

You have no idea how mad Marshall is at me! "How could you have been so irresponsible!? You know the law, no fighting and no kissing! And with your own assigned, I'm ashamed if you, Roux. I thought you knew better than to around snogging everyone. The fighting wasn't too bad, but now this has come out I'm having second thoughts about you being a free angel at all!" He looks away. "You do know what I might have to do to you for this?" I nod silently. "One more chance, and you're out of here!"

"Where would I go?"

"Limbo. Your wings would be confiscated and someone would take over your position, but think straight here, Roux." But, I wasn't listening.

"Limbo?..." Limbo? Limbo? My mind is whirling with confused thoughts and horrible visions of buildings crumbling underneath a haunting, red sky.

A cavern of nothingness filled with your own nightmares. Making a night seem longer than a lifetime.

"How long would I be down there?"

"It depends, but sometimes it comes to a life sentence." A life sentence?

"Is there anything I can do to get out of it?" He looks over at me, seriously. "Just keep out of trouble, one more chance." He claps his hand on my shoulder in sympathy. Girl vs future, how can I decide this?

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