Heaven Sent

Blue eyes, dark hair over one eye, pale skin...
Who is the mysterious boy that saved Nahla on the night of the fight?
Why is he here? For her sake? Well, Roux is no ordinary guy... Doing what he does is difficult. Not to break the law, bend the rules, to be with her... but, they can get away with it. Can't they?...


2. Roux

She lay there, helpless. blonde hair hanging over one eye, green eyes staring back at him in fear. In hurt. His face lit up in triumph over her defeat. I couldn't bare it! Seeing her crumble like that. All I could try and do was at least help. It seemed the right thing to do at the time. To battle it out with he big burly guy in the man-U t shirt, I am quite a bit smaller than him. Darting out in front of him, he is surprised but recovers quickly by grabbing my arm and attempting to wrench it out of it's socket! My face contorts with pain. “Look who it is, Nahla!” He grins fiercely. “Your boyfriend. Does that mean, that you've been cheating on me too? Does that mean that you are being a filthy, little, hypocritical slut?!” She is screaming and he gives my limb another, harder pull. I can almost feel the bones splintering. When, I push my knee hard up towards his groin. He breaks loose, face screwed up in torture but recovers fast.


I duck as he aims a punch at my head, and rebel back with a violent kick of some sort. But I fail and end up in a heap of greasy bin bags. He takes me by the arm and swings me out, so I'm spinning across the tarmac and have to forcefully stop myself. By now, a crowd has gathered, cheering him on and forgetting their food completely.


"Whimp! You big coward fight like a man won't you? Show your new girlfriend what you're made of!"

I lurch forwards and attempt to knock him over, but I miss yet again and he turns, leaving me reeling.

"No! I won't let anyone else be dragged into this!"

She's fighting for freedom from her friend's arms that are holding her back.

"Shut up this is none of your business!" Then he turns to me "It's time for you to say goodbye to your girl!"

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