Heaven Sent

Blue eyes, dark hair over one eye, pale skin...
Who is the mysterious boy that saved Nahla on the night of the fight?
Why is he here? For her sake? Well, Roux is no ordinary guy... Doing what he does is difficult. Not to break the law, bend the rules, to be with her... but, they can get away with it. Can't they?...


19. Nahla

I only awake when they have finished all their tests on me. Hazy figures unplug me from bottles, machinery and delicate instruments around. Reaching for help, a familiar face, I cry for Mum, Dad, Roux. A cheery face, a happy smile saying that it's all going to be OK and that everything, everyone is fine.

Wax-work faces loom over me. Too pale, too perfect like shop window dummies in lab-coats and perfectly fitted halos. One man, purses his lips and hauls me out of the seat and plucks away every wire, every band from my body. Wrinkling his nose, he turns to the woman next to him.

"All the tests are positive. At least we know she was telling the truth."

"Yes, she'll need to be taken away and stationed at the doors." The woman leans closer, whispering now. "What about when the case is over?"

"She will be disposed of, brain washed, a new angel will take his place." He looks around, then hands over a fold of white material. "Dress her in this. Then, take her over to the hall."

"Certainly." The woman receives the garments and turns to me. "Come along!" I follow her out, where is she taking me? Escorting me inside a narrow door-way, she shows me to a small room that only contains a table and chair. The walls are of white painted bricks, you can tell there is no heating because all I can do is shiver, where I am standing.

"Put this on and wait for me to return." She gives me the material, and leaves, locking the door behind her. I am left alone in the cell like room. Solitary, cold, bitter, ruthless.


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