Heaven Sent

Blue eyes, dark hair over one eye, pale skin...
Who is the mysterious boy that saved Nahla on the night of the fight?
Why is he here? For her sake? Well, Roux is no ordinary guy... Doing what he does is difficult. Not to break the law, bend the rules, to be with her... but, they can get away with it. Can't they?...


3. Nahla

I run at his back, breaking loose from Adele's loose grip and throw myself at him, hauling his weight down to the ground. He struggles but I hold fast. 

"Let go of me! Get off!"

"Not until you apologies. Go on, say it I'm waiting!"

"Not apologising to you and your guardian angle over there."

He tries to do a clever quip, turn the tables but it fails.

"Go on!"

"Fine I'm sorry, get off will you!?"

I heave myself off him and smile in satisfaction. As he scampers off to his gaggle of mates and whore of a girlfriend and scampers off into the trees beyond. 

I turn and spot him. The guy who was brave enough to stand up to Darren. He's only insecure and people keep their distance, but still.


"For what?" He grins,  bleeding nose prominent in his face.

"For what!? There are not many people who consider themselves to have guts enough to fight Darren! I mean he's a coward underneath but he's still pretty intimidating"

"I heard you went out with him."

"Don't remind me, I was a complete Bitch to even think about doing something like that! But hey, people do stupid things. Wanna grab a burger?"

He smiles "Sorry, gotta go. Guess I'll see you around then."

"Yeah, see you around."

And, with that he disappears through the bushes, white converse crunching on the leaves. His hair falling darkly over one blue eye. Adele reaches for my shoulder. "Who was that?"

"No idea." I answer, "No idea..."




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