Heaven Sent

Blue eyes, dark hair over one eye, pale skin...
Who is the mysterious boy that saved Nahla on the night of the fight?
Why is he here? For her sake? Well, Roux is no ordinary guy... Doing what he does is difficult. Not to break the law, bend the rules, to be with her... but, they can get away with it. Can't they?...


1. Nahla

He was dodgy. And, I got that right from the start! My phone vibrates against my leg, as I run my fingers through my hair for about the millionth time and chew my lip, anxiously. What went so wrong? I wonder… Darren. Sweet, funny, kind…ish. He wasn't a particularly good listener. It was all about him! 24/7! Footie, what he and his mates were getting up to the other night. Yeah, dodgy!

But, I miss him so much. His flaws don’t matter at the moment. Or do they? I sigh, relenting and picking up the phone. Adele. “What?”

Nahla? Finally! I’ve been trying to call you for ages, listen. Are you OK?”

What do you think?!” I get up, flaring at her. “It’s not like you’ve just broken up with your bloody boyfriend and are missing him like hell!”

Nahla! I know you’re finding this one hard, I mean you went out with him for seven months! I really though this could turn into something serious, for both of you, but…I guess he chose another path to go down. You had a great relationship…”

Thanks Adele! This is really helping!”

Sorry! I mean, Darren had flaws, didn’t he? The way he was hanging out with those dodgy footie types all the time and he wasn’t exactly a sensitive person, was he?”

She trails off into silence. I sniff. A single tear rolling down my cheek, leaving a slug trail of mascara behind it. I break down.

Come on, Nahla! You’ve got to get over him, pull yourself together!” I slump back down on my bed, wiping away dark, wet trails.”Do you want to move on, or not?”

“I don't know!” I wail back, spilling over with ink-black tears.

“Come on! Let’s go grab a burger or something at the take away. Comfort food all ways eases the pain a bit and a talk? Please... ”

I bite my lip. Would it hurt? To take a break from my grieving and try for a smile? “I'm not promising anything...” But, I can just see her smiling because she knows she has got through to me and I hang up and get up to get changed. It takes much longer than one thinks, to wash away the anxiety and cover up the betrayal with make-up. It takes a while, due to me attempting to drown myself in the shower, but I make it and, set off up the road where Adele is waiting on the corner.

Thought you’d never turn up, sunshine!” she takes in the badly applied foundation and mascara, in smudges around my eyes.

A tear stained silence is all she receives. “Beautiful,” she says. Then links my arm in hers and we start to stroll into town.

My head is bowed, but Adele prods my it so that its pointing at her.“Don’t look so miserable! Smile.” I grimace back at her.

Seriously, Nahla get a grip! He wasn't the right guy for you, that's all. You're strong! You can get through this.” I give her yet another, disbelieving expression and she sighs. “Honestly, there's no pleasing you, is there! You are strong and you are confident and you are beautiful. You will find someone else, someone who deserves you better than, Darren ever did. Anyway, you said yourself that he loved football more than you.” We walk along from the Cheap side flats on the estate towards McD’s, where the usual clot of dodgy people from our school always stand, smoking, chatting, graffitiying.

But as we pass them, going up to the entrance door, I see him. Him and his little gaggle of mates, smoking, squashing fags on the tarmac. He’s leaning against the wall, cigarette in hand, his arm around…someone else.

A tall, pretty Blondie with the figure of an 18 year old! A red top shows off her shoulders and piercing, cold blue eyes shot me through the heart like an arrow through an apple.

She grins, neon pink lipstick curling into a malicious sneer. She turns to Darren, at her side and whispers something in his ear. He laughs and indicates me, in the corner.

Hopes of feeling at all better plummet to the bottom of my heart. Adele has stopped dead and says, trying to distract me, “Oh! Look Nahla. Chicken burgers are on special today, let’s go and look.” She takes me by the arm and tries to herd me indoors, but I stand rock still, staring at him.

It was only yesterday that we broke up, and here he is with a girl in his arms that it looks as though he’s been with for a lifetime. That’s what he’d been doing all those nights out with his mates that he’d been so secretive, so vague about. He’d been seeing her! The lousy little… “Freaking cheat!” I yell at him, stepping out, pushing my way through the throng of people. They step aside, alarmed.

But he’s still there, grinning away like nothing ever happened. I storm up to him and only stop when we’re face to face, not a centimetre apart.

You’re gonna regret ever doing this to me!” I’m shaking so hard I can barely clench my hands into fists, coming closer. Everyone is deathly silent. He steps forward. “Well, I had to at some point didn’t I? You were just an image holder, really. Nothing meaningful.” I’m so mad at him, I want to crush him, torture him until he apologises at least.

You’re worthless.”

Smack! He backs off, starring in disbelief at me, the anger rising in his eyes.

I realise that Darren isn’t willing to be beaten by a girl without putting up a fight.

Before I know it, I’m down on the floor, a sharp pain in my back. He’s standing over me, sneering. He’s just about to strike again, when someone leaps out in front of me.

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