The Rambo Tales: Golden Snowflake

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

"Golden Snowflake" is about a girl called Gemma learning to ride on a welsh pony called Snowflake


2. Chapter 2- testing ride

"Now that Snowflake is all dry, we can try riding her!" Amy said very excitingly.

"I'll get her bridle and you can get the saddle" emily said as they ran to get them. Emily decided that Snowflake could borrow Cocos saddle cloth until she got her own. Emily threw the saddle pad onto her back, then put on her bridle. Amy gently put the saddle on her back. " Snowflake, when I tighten the girth I want you to breath in for me, okay?" Amy reassured her. Snowflake nodded and breathed in just like amy said.


"Snowflake, today Emily is going to try riding you, is that okay?" Snowflake nuzzled Emily, and Emily smiled. " ready Snowflake?" Amy asked. Snowflake gave a little nod. "Good. Emily, when I say three ill give you a boost and you are going to jump onto her back okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine" emily said happily.

Amy counted to three, then boost Emily on. Snowflake stood completely still. Emily patted Snowflake, whilst amy sorted out Emily's stirrups.

"Do they feel the same length?" Amy asked.

"Yeah they are fine" emily replied.

" we'll walk her around first, then we'll take her to the sand school." Amy told emily, then emily told snowflake to walk on. Snowflake walked on as Amy led them to the sand school.


When they got to the sand school, Amy took off snowflakes lead. "Walk her around for a while, then when you are both ready, ask her to trot." And Emily got her to trot quite easily. " good, now can we try cantering when you are ready." And she cantered. " bring her back to walk for me. I have something to show you". Amy pulled a letter out of her jodhpurs pocket.



                         Dear Amy


How is Rambo and your sister? I heard she has her own pony now called Coco. Is it true you taught her to ride by yourself?The stables you used to go to are rubbish now. The instructor has got so mean! I heard you got a new pony too. Can you teach me to ride? Can I learn at your stables too? I am willing to help out around the stables!


From you're great friend


Gemma xx


"Do you remember Gemma? She was the one who always got told off. She still can't ride. So I am going to teach her. Snowflake would be the perfect little pony to teach her on!" Amy said happily. "And I may need a little help from you as well." She said to Emily. Emily smiled. "What time will she be coming?" Emily questioned. "She will be here at half past nine, and she will be here for the rest of the day." Amy replied, happy that Emily was happy to hear that someone was going to help them.


Emily went and took snowflake back to her stable and untacked her, because she had an hour until she was needed. Emily put her in the paddock, and took Coco out. She tied up Coco and tacked her up. Then Emily met Amy in the sand school for her lesson. Emily warmed up, then jumped a few poles and took Coco back to her stable.


Amy tacked up Snowflake so she was all ready for Gemma's arrival. She led snowflake to the paddock and tied her to the fence. Snowflake got very excited. "Just about have time for a few carrots before Gemma gets here" amy said, getting three carrots out of her pocket. Snowflake crunched them very loudly, then started eating the luscious green grass at the edge of the paddock.

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