The Rambo Tales: Golden Snowflake

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

"Golden Snowflake" is about a girl called Gemma learning to ride on a welsh pony called Snowflake


19. Chapter 19 - The Great Snowflake Swap

Gemma walked up to Amy. "Amy, can I own Bruno and Snowflake be a riding school pony? It's just I fell in love with him more than I could ever love snowflake. They could both be used for the lessons, just that I think I would be better riding Bruno." Amy smiled. "Of course you can! But you still have to be my stable hand, and I hope your going to lead him and snowflake when they are being ridden in the riding school" amy said, making it very clear what her job was now. Gemma ran to snowflake and gave her a hug, before slowly walking into Bruno's stable. She wanted to spend time with him before she rode him tomorrow.


As she walked in, Bruno stopped eating his hay and stared at her as she sat on a hay bale. He nuzzled her. It was as if they were ment to be.

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