The Rambo Tales: Golden Snowflake

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

"Golden Snowflake" is about a girl called Gemma learning to ride on a welsh pony called Snowflake


18. Chapter 18- Back at Amy's yard

Back at the stables, they had just finished putting away their horses and ponies tack, and turning them out in the paddock when the new horses arrived. A huge truck had came and reversed into the yard. Three men came out, and they went into the truck to bring out the new horses.


They brought out the Shetland pony first. The Shetland was a mare. She had a beautiful coat colour, chestnut tobiano. If amy was four, she knew she would have bought this Shetland when she was small enough to ride it, but she was twenty. "Emily, you can name this Shetland" she said. "Bubbles" she said. So Emily took Bubbles the Shetland, and held her until all the other horses were out.


The medium sized Pony was a stallion, a fjord pony. Gemma fell in love with him straight away. She instantly gave him a name. "Bruno". Se hugged him and took his lead. It was love at first sight.


The last one was huge. It was a shire horse, a female shire. This was Amy's turn to name her. She was dark black, which made name deciding quite easy. "Black Beauty, that will be her name" she said, taking her lead and almost being pushed over by her. Amy could tell that Rambo was staring at her, in love.


They all took Bubbles, Bruno and Black Beauty to the stables so that Amy could decide what stables they should go in. Amy instantly chose Black Beauty's stable. "For Rambo's sake, Black Beauty will be in the stable next to him" she said giggling. She just about got the huge shire into her new stable, and quickly got out the door before Black Beauty got out too. Amy could see Rambo looking at her stable, he smiled. "Put Bruno into the stable next to Black Beauty. Then Bubbles can go into the other one next to Bruno" Amy said. Once they were all in their stables, Amy got out her toolkit and hammered their name plates onto the right doors.

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