The Rambo Tales: Golden Snowflake

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

"Golden Snowflake" is about a girl called Gemma learning to ride on a welsh pony called Snowflake


17. Chapter 17- The Hack

The roads of Rye were beautiful. Trees, bushes, flowers, beautiful cottages, and lots of horse fields. Baby lambs were running in the fields too.


They walked and walked, amy bought a new halter for Rambo because he had rubbed his old one off again and broke it. She also bought five riding crops. Amy got a fairly big pink one, as she was to be the instructor. Gemma and Emily got a small rainbow coloured one each. Amy put the rest of the crops and her one in a shopping basket that was attached to Rambo's saddle. Amy didn't really need to use a crop with Rambo, he was so good that he wouldn't need it. "We better had start going back. The new horses will be at my stables in just over an hour! We can take the quieter road and trot back." So they all started trotting back.

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