The Rambo Tales: Golden Snowflake

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

"Golden Snowflake" is about a girl called Gemma learning to ride on a welsh pony called Snowflake


11. Chapter 11 - Results

Amy added up the times, faults and points. 

"you were both very good, and if there were no faults, it would have been a draw . . . but . . . someone knocked a pole down. so the winner is . . . . Gemma!!" Amy and Emily clapped. Amy gave Gemma a red rosette and gave Emily a black one. Emily, from now on you need to practice Dressage, and i need to carry on practicing my cross country."  

Amy got onto Rambo and went off, whilst Emily went to the other sand school. After Amy and Emily had both gone Gemma happily said to Snowflake "Well done my girl! we done it! i love you snowflake! i am so glad  that you are on loan to me!!". She patted snowflake and gave her a hug, before carrying on practising. Snowflake felt quite proud of herself. They both were eager to win the competition. 

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