Livia had been someone who Niall liked for a long time. But Niall didn't know how to approach her because she was so different from the girls he was used to. One day, an accident happened that will change their lives forever. (Written in free verse)


2. Chapter 2


It had been five months since that accident.
But every day was a struggle to me
even though everyone said time will heal all wound.


Well my broken arm had heal as it should
but my heart will never


I had been to the hospital a couple of times
but I could never make myself go visit her.


Besides I knew deep in my heart that she never wanted to see me


And that pained me.


Livia mean so much to me
but she wouldn't know because I had never been
nice to her once.


But I vowed that for the rest of my life,
I will make it up to her...

if she let me.



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