The Rambo Tales: The Caravan Horses

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

The Holiday Horses is about a horse and pony on the caravan site we visit


5. chapter 5

It was eight in the morning. Amy went out to Rambo's stable. Rambo was at the his gate staring into a corner. He was staring at another stable. A stable filled with hay, a headcollar and lead, and a sheet.


"That's odd, I don't remember there ever being a horse in that stable . .  . Unless . . ." Said a very puzzled amy, as she walked up to the stable. In the stable was a beautiful welsh mare." You look very familiar" amy said, still puzzled about how she got there. Then amy had an idea.


Amy looked at the door sign, and on there it said "Snowflake". Amy was so happy, she leaped into the stable, without unbolting the door, and hugged her. "How in the world did you get here?" She said. She put on Snowflake's headcollar and led to to Coco.


"Coco this is Snowflake." Amy said.

"SNOWFLAKE!!!" Shouted emily, who popped up from behind Coco, startling Snowflake.

"It's okay Snowflake. It's only Emily. I don't really know why she is here. I found her in a stable, with her name plate on" said Amy, curiously.

"And where did you find that head collar?" Emily questioned.

"It was in her stable, and there was a sheet for the winter too." Amy replied.

"Well, if she came with all of that, should we go to the tack room and see if she came with any tack?".

"Go and look, I have to put Snowflake in the paddock. I'll meet you at Rambo's stable."


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