The Rambo Tales: The Caravan Horses

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

The Holiday Horses is about a horse and pony on the caravan site we visit


4. Chapter 4

"Oh no you don't!" Amy said chasing after coco and emily, who were still pacing themselves at a walk. Amy stood in front of coco, stopping her in her tracks. "She will go through that water, you just watch her!" Emily dismounted coco, and stood next to Rambo. Rambo was desperately hoping for something to snort at.


Amy took coco's bridle over her ears and held onto them. She slowly approached the water then stopped right in front of it. Coco sniffed the water, then lifter her head back up again. Amy walked a few footsteps into the water. Coco stood still.


Rambo was just about to start snorting. But, coco slowly lifted one hoof into the water.then another. Then the hind hoofs, until she was standing fully in the water. "Well done" amy whispered into coco's ear, patting her gently. Confidently, Coco walked in, until her knees where in the water.


Emily clapped loudly. "Well done Coco!" Emily called out to her pony. Coco turned around, noticing how happy emily was with her, then galloping back to emily. Emily hugged Coco, and gave her some carrots too.


Rambo was very shocked. His mouth was wide open, gobsmacked. Amy laughed. They move mounted their horses. In case of the very likely event that Coco would back out of the water, amy took a lead and held onto it, so that coco would stick next to Rambo. 


First they took Rambo and coco for a walk. Coco was a bit hasty, but they she got used to the cool water. Then they trotted for a minute, and gradually turned it into a canter, then a gallop. Poor coco was going as fast as she could to keep up with Rambo. Amy loosened of coco's lead a bit so that she still had to canter, but she didn't  have to necessarily keep up with Rambo.


Rambo went back into a walk, and so did Coco. " I got dad to bring the horse truck, so we don't have to ride". A sigh of relief came from Rambo and Coco as the girls dismounted. They untacked Rambo and coco and put in in the horse truck. They put the head collars on and walked them over to the truck.


Coco's legs were drenched, whilst Rambo's were perfectly dry. "Oh, Amy! Coco is still quite wet. Do you have a towel I can dry her with?". Amy passed emily a huge towel and she started drying Coco's legs.


"Right, Rambo, are you going to be brave today or am I going to have to get the bucket?" Amy said, hoping that Rambo would opt for the first choice. Rambo walked in and stood still. Impressed, amy praised Rambo by giving him a bucket of food. Coco walked in too, but this time she was very dry.


"Let's go back to the caravan site." Emily said.

"No need. We have all our stuff packed up to go back to our stables". Said their dad. They drove straight home, sad that they had to leave Barney and Snowflake behind. Rambo was happy to find out that they were going straight home, he wouldn't have to sleep in a wet field with no shelter. He would have his nice cosy stable tonight.

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