day in the life of lugie

this is for the game competition. Lugie is out of super Mario brothers and is Mario's brother .


1. lugie

Today was such a nice day . Me and Mario were going to invite our good frenemy Sonic over to host maybe another Olympic game. As I was tucking into my mushroom Mario ran into the house  worried . I wondered what happened maybe he lose a car race or something. But he said "he and princess Peace were looking at the castle...". OH MY GOD! I am so sick of this . Every week  a cloud explodes over the castle ,Mario goes to it and then Browser captures Peace. I never see that happen to Daisy . I don't understand  why we are friends with Browser if he keeps capturing Peace and setting Mario on fire. He must of drank warm coffee. I don't understand why Mario is always at Peace's beckon call. Who does she think she is? I have told him about a million times to not let her control him.  These days Mario is as weak as anything. The minute a turtle or a weird  mole thing tips off him he falls. He needs to see a Doctor or something. well I better go back to my Mashion . Those ghost won't go away by themselves you know! I tell you Mario gets the land ,I get the haunted house!  see ya:)

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