The Beautiful Ones & Other Original Poems

I love to write poems, and everyone says they're really good and mature, so I decided I could post them! Some of them might be a little weird though.


1. The Beautiful Ones

They're the ones that glow with confidence

The ones that believe a smile's all it takes

The ones that are brimming with exuberance

The ones who parade around with a trail of heartbreaks

The ones who have no experience with pain

The ones who have everything so simple

The ones at the top of the social food chain

The ones who are blessed with all the dimples

The ones who stand at the top of everything

The ones who think they're better than they really are

The ones with all the excessive bling bling

The ones who cruise around in shiny cars

The ones who think that they are the best

The ones that can never do any wrong

The ones who stomp down all the rest

The ones who have reigned for so long

They are the beautiful ones ~~~~

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