The Beautiful Ones & Other Original Poems

I love to write poems, and everyone says they're really good and mature, so I decided I could post them! Some of them might be a little weird though.


3. That Girl

Today I saw a girl in the corner of the dining hall

Not much on her plate just some salad was all

She was so alone and a cloud of dust made her sneeze

She had the beauty many girls had but with ease

All alone and writing in her tattered notebook

So easy to ignore but I found impossible to overlook

The bell rang and I heard the squeaks and scrapes of sneakers on linoleum floor

Like fish through a dam I lost sight of her through the big metal doors

The next day I looked for the girl in the corner of the hall

But just her tattered notebook I found was all

Out of curiosity and wonder I opened to see her writing

A story of her life filled me it was inviting

But in the end I put it down

Because I had to fight the tears that threatened to drown

The next day I saw the notebook was not there

But in its place was a tattered note on the chair

That girl I saw that day in the corner of the dining hall

Was gone forever she took the deadly emotional fall

And what I wished so badly though I knew the result would be the same

Was that I asked for that girl's name




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