The Beautiful Ones & Other Original Poems

I love to write poems, and everyone says they're really good and mature, so I decided I could post them! Some of them might be a little weird though.


12. Little Things

This is kind of based off of the song Little Things by One Direction.


I watch the curly haired man in front of me

His back to the fire, his eyes on the young girl

Her bubbly laughter fills the room, ringing happily

I should get his attention, but he's in his own world

His big hand reaches out to compare to her tiny palm

And his eyes light up, full of love and wonder

As she lets out another bubble of laughter into the calm

She looks so content, with a plush blanket under

Her smile and his bring out matching dimples

He coos a word or maybe two

The connection between them seems so simple

He finally looks up as I release a small giggle, too

The curly haired man's eyes are filled with unshed tears

I lean over and give him a small kiss

And watch as all his uncertainty clears

We both know we love the little things like this


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