The Beautiful Ones & Other Original Poems

I love to write poems, and everyone says they're really good and mature, so I decided I could post them! Some of them might be a little weird though.


10. It'll Soon Be Later

Ignore my cheeks that blush

Oh, your hand just a hairsbreadth away

Slow down darling

For what is your rush

I already know everything you need to say

Do not be embarrassed at the sound

Of my gentle hush hush

Say not another word

For you chatter like a bird

I can hear every word you need to say

I see it in your eyes

Though hide it you may try

You don’t want to wait

Hurry hurry you say

Before it's too late

Impatience and love you radiate

But I have learned from the past

You only reap bittersweet memories

From what is set into motion far too fast

Learn to be patient

I know you have images in your mind

Of your lips meeting mine

But listen to me

I’ll teach you to be a waiter

No, don’t serve me food

But I guess dinner would be fine

Just know I'm one of a kind

And I will return your love soon

Sooner or later

You lips will be on mine

The truth screams in my eyes

See how they so brightly shine

Be patient darling

It’ll soon be later

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