The Beautiful Ones & Other Original Poems

I love to write poems, and everyone says they're really good and mature, so I decided I could post them! Some of them might be a little weird though.


15. Andrew

He gives me sparks

When we kiss

His fingerprints are marks

That help me remember him

Even though he’s not hard to miss

The way he holds me

It's just what we do

Every word he told me

I’ll remember that, too

I'm in love with Andrew

But our time together

It is few

I make the most

By holding him close

Tighten my grip on his waist

Look at our intertwined fingers

I look so small and petite

Standing with him

My size 6 next to his

Much bigger feet

Age is but a number

Maturity is a choice

Two years are nothing

Love has no boundaries

Except those we so stupidly create

I'm in love with Andrew

And it must be fate

Yet it's something

Others hate

But I’ll still love him

Even if he doesn’t believe me

I hope he

Doesn’t want to leave me

And if he loves me

I’ll be so happy

Overjoyed to full capacity

Way past capacity

And then I’ll kiss him

So much that I already miss him

Hours before he’s even gone

I hope he stays for so long

And we’ll go on and on

He’s like the sun

So bright and beautiful

My world seems to revolve around him

He’s got me convinced he’s The One

I'm in love with Andrew

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