A princess is in her palace when a tornado strikes London. She always knew she was going to die, but she didn't expect it to come this soon. She is the only one left after the disaster, but she still doesn't survive...


1. Elektrik

     I was always going to die in the end.  There was no way of stopping it.  I will now tell you why and how I died.  Most people called it a tragedy, but I just thought it was life.  It could be death, I do not know.  But all I do know is that I said it was life.


     It was London, 1973, and all was peaceful and calm.  That was until we heard news of a tornado building up just outside London.  Everyone took it as a joke because even babies know that you can't get tornadoes in the UK.

     In the end, we all found out that there really was a tornado snaking its way up towards London like a puma staking its prey.  But we were a bit too late to sound the unused disaster siren because nobody knew how to use it.  When it did eventually howl its moaning alarm, the twister had already slithered through fourteen districts.

     As it started to creep over the boundaries of London and into the capital, everyone went hay-wire.  There was no way of stopping it.  I was the only one who stayed calm but, unfortunately, I still died. 

     I strolled out of my palace to observe the chaos, only to go back to bed and sleep for a while. When I woke up, I realised that I had slept well.  I looked out of the window.  Everything had been destroyed but our house.  There was no-one in sight.  I grinned.  At least I was alone for once.  I waddled outside and sat on a fallen pylon.  It was then that I spotted an injured mouse.

     "Come on over here my sweetie." I croaked.

     The mouse obeyed. I wondered if it knew that I was a princess. I shook the thought out of my head and suddenly realised that I was starving. I shrugged and popped the mouse into my mouth.  I made a face.  It tasted like soft, warm metal, but at least it was something.

     I stood up and walked away. I stopped and decided to get some exercise.  I jumped back over the pylon but my foot got caught in a wire. I tripped and my head crunched against the solid copper.  I felt six hundred thousand volts seep through my body.  There was no way of stopping it. 

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