I never thought it come true

When Hanna gets to go to a One Direction consert with her friend, Everything Changes.

(( my first story. I made this one for my friend. plz no hate! ))


3. Chapter 3


I turn around and my eyes widen. Why the hel* is Louis Tomlinson standing in front of me?

“Um… Hi... Um… Could I um… Maybe talk to you for a second? Please… “ He stutters and looks to the ground.

“Um yeah sure…” I answer.

He starts walking and I follow him into a little room.

“I’m sorry for what happened… you know... on stage.” He starts.

“Oh… no problem”

I am just about to open the door and walk back to Ally, when he grabs my wrist. I turn around and look at him, a bit confused.

“Can I have your number?” he asks and I can tell he is blushing.

“Yeah sure!” he hands me his phone and I put my phone number into his contacts.

“Thanks!” he says and smiles a friendly smile.

Oh god he is so cute!

“No problem!” I say with a smile.

I open the door and walk back to where Ally is waiting for me.

“What’s your name?” I hear him scream.

“Hanna!” I scream back.

“Nice to meet you Hanna!”

I turn around and wave and he waves back.


Why would Louis freacking Tomlinson, member of one Direction, want my number?


I walk back to Ally’s car, where she is waiting, and she drives me home. When it’s time to sleep my mind is going crazy! All kinds of thoughts are inside my head. Why did he stare at me? Does he like me? Is he going to call me? Or am I just some girl who got stuck in his mind for like five seconds? I don’t know…

After about an hour I finally fall asleep, but that don’t stop all my good and bad thoughts…

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