I never thought it come true

When Hanna gets to go to a One Direction consert with her friend, Everything Changes.

(( my first story. I made this one for my friend. plz no hate! ))


2. Chapter 2


The rest of the day pass by really quick and soon me and Ally are at the consert.

"I can't believe we are actually here!" I say to Ally.

"Me neither!"

Just as she says that, the lights goes off and everybody starts scream. On stage five boys start to sing and the screams goes even louder.


They sing What Makes You Beautiful, Up All Night, Kiss You, Little Things, Torn and many others.

"I wish we could stay here longer but sadly we can't..." Liam says. The crowed starts booing.

"But!" Louis screams. "We have one last song, All I Want For Christmas Is You" he continue and they start sing.

In the middle of Louis' solo he stare into my eyes. For a moment he stops to sing and he just stands there and stares at me. Liam walks over to Louis and put his hand on his shoulder. He realise he had stoped sing and blush a bit. Everyone were staring at him. He starts to sing again and Ally whisper in my ear:

"Seems like someone got distracted by a certain you..."

"How do you know that! He probably stared at someone else..." I say.

"Yeah sure. I saw how he looked at you!"

"Whatever..." I say and end that conversation.


The song ends and they waves goodbye and walk of the stage. Me and Ally are one of the last people to leave. When I am about to walk away from my seat, I feel someone tap me on my shoulder. I turn around...


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