I never thought it come true

When Hanna gets to go to a One Direction consert with her friend, Everything Changes.

(( my first story. I made this one for my friend. plz no hate! ))


1. Chapter 1


I wake up to the sun burning in my face, through the curtains I forgot to full down yesterday. I go up, out of bed and quickly take a shower. When I have finished shower I put on some casual clothes and a little mascara. I brush my brown-blodish hair and put it in a ponytail. Then I leave for school. Today was the last day before Christmas break.


In school almost every girl in my class talk about One Direction and their Christmas consert. It's tonight here in London. I want to go but the consert is sold out. I walk up to my bestfriend Ally.

"Hi Ally!"

"Hi Hanna! Guess what?"

"I don't know..."

"I'm going to the One Direction consert tonight... AND you're comming with me!"

"What!" I scream.

"Yes! I can't go to a One Direction consert without my bestfriend and second biggest fan, after me of course, can I?"

"Haha. Um.. I guess not! Thank you sooo much Ally." I answer and hug her tight.


Then we're off to class...

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