Beauty Of Life

beauty life drama


1. Appreciation of Life

We love and appreciate alike

both comedy and tragedy ; real or unreal

involve and participate in spirit and heart;

therein lies the beauty of life.


A part of us stands apart detached

a silent spectator

watches life as it goes on

in its ups and downs, smiles and tears.

That is the beauty of life.


We suffer and rejoice

the life we live and the life we love

because there is something joyous about being alive

and that is the beauty of life.


We watch drama on stage

we become those characters

immersed and absorbed

we cry we smile, we tense and panic

as we do in real life so do we react to stage.


Emotions experienced in life or drama

the artistic appreciation of life's settings

in its humor, sadness, happiness

peace, fear, kindness,tragic, comic and passion.

our unconscious play in all this

presents the beauty of life.


Our eyes feast on beauty

heart grasps inner worth

life turns to an intoxicating existence

with our ability to amuse ourselves-

the greatest blessing in life.


The beauty of life is

to make it purposeful with right goals

and past gives us excellent warning

for the present and future

to make life better that is gifted to us.


No complaints to the writer

about the characters in drama or story

about their designated roles;

instead an eager expectancy

for the story to lead on

with its strange twists and turns.

Then why complain about the assigned roles

we play in our real lives?

Why not eliminate the bitter

and make it better?


God the best artist

the architect of universe

created life in multiple faces

and variety is the spice to complete the way of life.


The art of living is

not to hurt and not to get hurt

but the inner life cherishes a dream, a secret wish

to become the ideal self image

and the heart has the longing desire

to reach its higher self

because it knows to be that is the real beauty of life.






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