Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


3. We meet again...

Chapter 3

I wake up the next morning to find an empty space next to me. Mr one-night-stand-whose-name-I-can’t-remember must have kept up his promise. There is a pounding in my head from last night’s drinks so I take 2 tablets. On the dresser my cell-phone is buzzing. BUZZ BUZZ! I pick it up and slide the bar across to answer it.

“Hi?” I say wondering who it is as I never checked the caller ID.

“Michelle! Finally you picked up, I have been calling all morning!” It’s Kelly, my personal assistant. Figures.

“Um yeah, I was sleeping, late night partying yesterday.” I say groggily.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah Michelle. Your stylist is on her way up you have a meeting with that British boy band and there management today, so get up and get showered so your hair, makeup and clothes can be sorted. Byeee!” Kelly hangs up.

I groan and roll out of bed, I’m just in my ‘sexy panda’ bra and the thought makes me cringe. I run to the shower and shampoo away last night’s debris.

There’s a knock on the door so I grab a fluffy white bathrobe and skip to the door.

I am hit with the sweet Gucci perfume that is worn by my stylist Jasmine.

“Hi darling. Moi, moi. Oh good you’re already showered; now let’s get to work. Rumour has it your working with a particular sexy boy-band!” I roll my eyes and let Jasmine do her work.

Half an hour I have transformed from a late night party bed-head queen to a stylish ready to face the world style queen! My hair is pulled up into a sporty high-ponytail with a big green clip. I am wearing a pair of tight white skinny jeans and a green tee that says ‘Born in the USA!’ Then on my feet I am wearing green wedge boots. My makeup is perfectly applied and to top it all off I grab my short white leather jacket and sunglasses as we fly out of the door and into the limousine.

Charley is back in the driver’s seat!

“Morning Miss Star! I hope you had a good night’s sleep. Rumour has it that you brought a young man back last night. Robin has informed me.” Charley winks at me from the front seat and I cringe.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” I say and flush bright red, Charley nods.

“Whatever you wish Miss Star!”

We drive in silence from the hotel to a big house on the outskirts of London.

As I climb out of the car I am greeted by a woman in a deep-purple suit.

“Miss Star? This way please Mr Cowel is expecting you.” She ushers me into the house.

Kelly appears from a corridor. “Michelle, good your here! Come on one direction are dying to meet you, thank you for your help Sue. Down here Michelle.”

As I blindly follow Kelly I wonder why the name ‘one direction’ sounds so similar. We reach a door and Kelly walks in. I go to follow her but I trip. I wait for the impact of hard floor but strong arms catch me.

“Th..Thank you.” I say blushing, great 1st impression.

The person laughs. “Michelle, we meet again.”

I look up into 2 green orbs. Oh that’s why one direction sounds so familiar. Oops...

Did you like the new chapter? 3 updates in 1 day you must love me!!! Just joking! So a cliff-hanger, Michelle and Harry meet again...Sorry for any mistakes please like and favourite, tell me what you think!!! Love from purrfect_carrie! xxx

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