Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


7. Twitter horror

We all wait, frozen as we hear the theme tune start up and we hear Alan Carr start talking.

“Hello, hello and welcome to my show! Today I have some very special guests. Ladies and gentleman please welcome Michelle Star and one direction!”

We walk on to cheers and applaud from the crowd and we all say hello to Alan.

“Hello to all of you! Now we all want to hear, when is your 1st joint concert?”

Liam smiles “Next month and the tickets go on sale on Saturday!”

The crowd cheers.

“You heard him, better start begging your parents! Now here’s the question we all want to know who is single and who is dating?”

Liam speaks first, “Dating, me and Danielle are very happy together!” There are some aw’s and some boo’s which Liam ignores. Him and Danielle have learnt to deal with hate.

“I’m single and a ready to mingle!” Harry says and the crowd cheers, I cringe in my seat as he winks at me.

“Same here!” Louis says and Zayn reply’s “And me!” to which the crowd also cheers to and there are shouts of “I love you boo-bear” and “sign my hand Zayn!” The boys just smile.

Alan looks at me and Niall, he has already been told about the fake dating. “And you Niall?” he says smiling knowingly.

Niall smiles, squeezes my hand, sucks in his breath and says

“Me and Michelle are dating!” I just nod along with it and smile.

The crowd explodes with love, hate and disbelief and Niall reaches out and squeezes my hand.

“There you have it, Niall and Michelle a match made in heaven.” Alan smiles.

The rest of the interview goes by in a blur and I am so relieved when it is over.

After the show we are sitting in Niall’s dressing room when Simon in and comes up to us, “Well done that went great! Niallelle is already trending on twitter!”

Niall smiles at me as Zayn walks out to ‘get to some water’ and Harry starts playing on his phone. Even Louis and Liam look uncomfortable. Simon’s phone starts ringing so he nods at us and walks out.

I turn my phone on as it was turned off for the interview and I am surprised to find I am flooded with messages, missed calls, emails and twitter messages. I check my messages first.

“Why didn’t you tell me you and Niall were dating?”
“You are not dating anyone without my permission!”
“Niallelle is so cute!”

They go on and on all basically talking about me and Niall.

I go to check Twitter and then Niall stops me

“Don’t do that Michelle, you might have hate because of me, the boys of 1D have some very obsessed fans!”

I roll my eyes

“Don’t be cocky Nialler! You might have hate because of me, I am famous to you know and I have my own fan base!”

He just nods as Liam checks his phone also.

As I log onto twitter I see a new notification so I go into it and freeze, oh god...

What might have made Michelle freak out? Sorry for the really short chapter and lack of updates, this week has just been crazy! Please tell me what you think in the comments and if nobody is going to enter the competition I am going to close it. So you have until the next update to enter! Sorry for any mistakes love from purrfect_carrie! xxx

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