Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


4. Meeting the boys and Simon

This chapter is dedicated to Tvd1Dlover and Angellll. The 1D song used in this chapter I do not own but the part that Michelle sings I made up myself, thanks for reading!

“Harry?” I say looking down at the floor I should have crashed onto and blushing, hoping I got his name right. The green eyed boy smiles.

“Hi there Michelle, didn’t think I would be seeing you again. Guess you couldn’t resist me huh?” He says confidently, putting one arm around my waist.

“Michelle! Come on everyone is waiting for you!” Kelly screeches from the other room.

“And my haz-bear!” A high pitched voice calls out and Harry laughs.

“Come on!” He says holding the door open for me.

Sat around a rectangular table there are 4 teenage boys, Kelly and a man in a shirt and jeans. Kelly gets up when she sees me.

“Michelle, there you are. This is Simon; he’s 1D’s manager and producer. I see you’ve already met Harry.”

The boys smile and Simon extends his hand, I shake it. Harry takes a seat next to the blonde boy and looks up at Kelly. He smiles slowly.

“Met Harry? Me and Michelle here are old friends!” He says it confidently and I look at him in a ‘what the hell are you doing’ sort of way. He ignores it. Simon gets up and walks towards me.

“Michelle, as you already know I’m Simon and these boys are one direction. That’s Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and you already know Harry. Boys this is Michelle Star she is touring in England to release her new album ‘Star Shine.’”

I have never seen a room filled with such good-looking boys before in my life. I smile shyly at them and the boy’s wave and smile back. Harry winks and looks me up and down.

Simon shakes his head.

“Leave her be Harry, I swear you can’t leave any attractive female alone! Anyway, now that the introductions are out of the way let’s get down to business. Michelle I have been speaking with your management and we think it would be in yours and the boy’s best interest to spend your time in London together.”

The boys all look at each other and high-five! However, I am confused.

“What do you mean together?” I ask and Simon smiles a white-toothed grin.

“Well as I’m sure you already know, 1D will be joining you on your tours and the band and you will be releasing a collaboration album together. So you will move out of your hotel and into the boy’s house.”

I am shocked, live with the boys. Live with Harry?

Before I can speak Harry looks at me and says

“Michelle looks like we can catch up and become re-acquainted. I’m looking forward to it.” The boy who I think is Liam whacks Harry over the head.

Simon sighs.

“Now let’s start recording. Today I want Michelle and one of the boys to just get in there and try some things out. You can sing duets you know, a mash up of songs anything, just freestyle. Um, boys I want um, Zayn you in there with Michelle today.” The other boys groan.

The mysterious-looking dark haired boy gets up and smiles sexily.

“Hi Michelle I’m Zayn and it looks like we’re going to sing together.”

I smile at him and Simon leads us, with the rest of the boys and Kelly close behind through the house. We stop at a room that is basically a recording studio.  Simon, the boys except for Zayn and Kelly sit down on red plastic cushioned seats and I follow Zayn into the recording booth.

“Do you want to do a mash-up of a 1D song and one of your songs?” Zayn asks as he flicks our mikes on.

I smile at him and arrange our mikes.

“Cool, I’ll start.” I say.

(M means Michelle is singing, Z means Zayn is singing!)

M- Blue eyes, like sapphires (shine shine shine), your smile so perfect (shine shine shine) and the way you, the way everything about you, oh you

Z- Light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flick your hair gets me overwhelmed, when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell

M- That your my star-shine, in the night sky, your beautiful eyes, your beautiful smile.

Z- That’s what makes you beautiful

M- Shine, shine, shine...

As we end we hear claps coming from Simon and Kelly. We walk out of the booth smiling and take a seat next to Simon and Kelly and opposite the boys.

“Well done you two, that was amazing and we really ought to put that on the album! Great work, there’s a real chemistry between you.” Simon grins and Kelly is looking smug.

Then we hear a door slam, Harry has walked out...

How did you like the new chapter? Is Harry jealous of Zayn and Michelle...? Sorry for any mistakes, please like, favourite and comment. Tell me what you think. Love from purrfect_carrie xxx

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