Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


6. Interview blues...

I woke to find a pile of clothes neatly folded on a chair and a note attached. Yawning sleepily, I slide out of bed and read the note.

‘Michelle, I have left you this pile of clothes to wear as the stylists will be there at Alan Carr. Please dress quickly, eat breakfast with the boys and be at the television studio for 11.   Kelly xxx’

I sigh and then look at the clock, only 9:00; ok I have plenty of time. I jump into the shower and then pull on the clothes. They are beautiful, the dress is a red and white floral print and the little bird logo in the corner tells me that it is from Hollister. I have a pair of red vans to wear with it and a little Jack Wills white clutch. I smile, Jasmine (my stylist in case you forgot) knows me well. I dry my hair, straighten out my natural curls and pull them up into a high ponytail.

I run downstairs only to be tackled by Niall.

“Hey you’re a girl....Can you make me some breakfast? Please, please, please Michelle!!!” He begs, pulling the cutest puppy-dog face as he does.

I smirk at him. “That is such a stereotype Nialler! Girls don’t belong in the kitchen you know! But as you’re so freaking adorable I will make you some pancakes, just for today though!”

Niall pulls a sorry face and then picks me up and carries me bridal-style into the kitchen. He grins at Louis and Liam who are talking on the red sofa.

“Michelle is going to make us pancakes!” He says sounding like a 5 year old.

Liam shakes his head and then smiles fondly at Niall. He turns to me as I start mixing the batter.

“You don’t have to do that you know, Niall is quite capable of making pancakes for himself, and if he’s not then Harry makes them for us!”

I grin. “I don’t mind, Nialler gave me the puppy-dog face!”

Niall does a ha-ha face at Liam and then speaks up. “Michelle is American; she is from the land of pancakes. Our British pancakes can’t compete, let the queen cook.”

Harry walks into the kitchen, “I thought I was the king of cooking Niall!” He walks over to me and kisses my cheek as I am pouring the batter into the pan, “Good morning my queen, they smell good!” I flush a crimson red at Harry’s blatant act of flirting. As I place the pancakes on the table, the boy’s dash to the pile and attack them, it’s quite scary actually!

Niall grins at me; his chin has a huge drop of syrup on it.

“Thanks Michelle, these are amazing!”

“Thank you Nialler, but is there any left for me?” At that Niall pulls a worried face. Louis smiles a perfect smile at me.

“Don’t worry queen of pancakes, I saved you some!” He says.

I look at the kind boy with appreciation, “Thanks Lou, but where will I sit?”

Harry smiles and gathers me onto his lap. “Right here!”

Liam coughs," time to get ready guys it’s almost 10!”

I freeze, oh yeah stupid interview. Niall looks at me in surprise.

“Why do you hate interviews Michelle?” he asks with his cute Irish accent!

I bite my lip; these boys are like my family.

“On my last interview it was all going well, but halfway through I got a call from my mum. My Grand-dad had a heart attack, he died almost instantly. I completely wrecked up the rest of the interview, I just wanted to go home. Since then I’ve been known as ‘awful in interviews’ and they always bring back bad memories I guess...”

I am grateful that I am not wearing any make-up yet as it would be trailing down my face right now if I had put it on. Louis gathers me in a hug and Niall strokes my arm.

“Don’t worry little Chelle, we will be here with you in this interview!” Niall says reassuringly. I manage a small smile.

“Thanks Nialler, wait little Chelle?”

He smiles a toothy-grin at me. “Yeah, that’s my nickname for you.”

Liam grimaces, “its 10 now. Simon said he wanted us there early and we are going to be caught in traffic so we should leave now!”

We all wander outside and into the van that is taking us there. It is only when we have been driving for about 10 minutes that I realise,

“Where’s Zayn?” I ask and I feel Harry stiffen next to me. Liam looks at me. “He went out with our drummer Josh last night and stayed out, he texted me and said he will meet us there!”

“Ok, thanks.” I say back and then Louis put on the karaoke 1D CD and we sing all the way to the interview.

(At the television studio)

We arrive and are ushered in, our hair and makeup are perfected (yes even the boys wear make-up for public appearances!) and then we stand and wait for our cue. I wave at Zayn as Simon walks towards us.

“Now boys and Michelle, I have some last minute news. Your 2 managements and I have decided that Michelle needs to fake-date one of you for publicity.”

We are all holding our breath as to who it might be and Zayn is looking smug.

“I have decided, Michelle that you should fake-date Niall!”

There is silence and we all look at each other, Zayn and Harry look sick and the other boys look shocked. Niall is smiling.

“So girlfriend?” He says, sounding quite shocked.

“So boyfriend...” I say back weakly.

“You’re on!” The technician calls.

Oh god...

Hi guys sorry for the delay but I am going back to school tomorrow so there might be a few delays. Sorry to end it on a cliff-hanger, I was going to include the interview as well but I decided to leave it for next chapter! So which couple do you ship? Please let me know. Also the competition for Josh Devine’s and Ed Sheeran’s girlfriend is still running. Please like and comment, sorry for any mistakes. Love from purrfect_carrie! xxx

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