Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


2. Encounter in the club

Chapter 2-

10 vodkas and 2 hours into my night and I am having fun! I am up on the dance floor when I feel somebody start dancing behind me. I whirl around and see a boy with brown curls and emerald green eyes. I touch him on the nose with my finger.                                           

“No!” I say and then giggle. He grins at me sheepishly.                                

 “Why not? I liked your dancing.” The boy says.                                      

“I am not dancing with any boy whose name I do not know!” I say and then giggle again, this boy is seriously cute!                                                

“My name is Harry Styles!” He looks at me as if waiting for a reaction.                 

“Oh, my name is Michelle Star!”  I say.                                                                          

 He thinks for a minute and then says “Oh yeah your that US singer aren’t you?”

I nod.                                                                                      

 “I’m in a band, 1 direction!” Harry says flipping his gorgeous curls.           

  "Cool!” I beam “maybe we can sing together?”                                         

 Harry smiles then leans. “Maybe.” He whispers. “But there’s something else I would much rather do...”                                                

  I grin, knowing exactly what he is getting at. “Hm, like what Mr Styles?” I trail my finger down from his throat to just above his crotch. His eyes widen.                                                                                

 “So your hotel room?” He whispers huskily.                                                 

  I think for a second. “On one condition Styles, you are out of the hotel by the time I wake up. The day after I am drunk I remember hardly anything from the night before. I might get freaked and not remember you.”                                                                                                              

  Harry smiles sexily. “Of course. Your drunk?”                                                          

  I smile back. “Hell yes”                                                                                                          

 Harry takes me by the hand. “Let’s go then!”

Author note- Sorry for the short chapter! Is it ok? So Harry and Michelle.... Please like, favourite and comment if you enjoyed! Sorry for any mistakes! Love from purrfect_carrie! xxx


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