Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


5. At the boys house

We all watched Harry’s back as he stormed out of the studio. There is a brief silence until Simon coughs.

“Do any of you want to tell me what that was about?”

He looks at all of us as if we are naughty school-children and he is the headmaster. We all sit there in silence while Kelly fumes at me.

“Um, I don’t think Hazza likes the ‘chemistry’ between Zayn and Michelle. I think he fancies her.” It’s Louis that spoke up and none of the boys are disagreeing. Simon laughs.

“Is that it? He stormed out because of that! Ridiculous and none of you boys are dating Michelle unless I say so!”

The boys pull sad puppy-dog faces and Simon just shakes his head.

“Anyway, Michelle your stuff has been transferred to the boy’s house, we just need to round up Harry and then we can drop you lot off.” Kelly nods in agreement.

“See you tomorrow Michelle, and nice meeting you boys.” She chimes, all nice and fake.

(Skip to at the house with just the boys and Michelle!)

I sit there awkwardly on the red sofa at the boys house. They are all staring intently at me.

“What?” I say as I am sick of the creepy staring.

It’s Niall that replies. “Do you want to play truth or dare?”

We all nod and then sit in a circle to play. Harry starts and asks me truth or dare.

I smile and think about it.


He nods and then asks “Do you have a boyfriend.”

I shake my head, “No, I did but then he cheated on me with my older cousin at my birthday party last year.” I wince as I say it, the scars are still healing.

Louis flings himself at me, “How could anyone have done that to you Michelle, you’re so amazing!” He fake sobs. I push him off me laughing. Soon all the boys are laughing and I am feeling ok again about my bad break-up. Zayn coughs lightly and says

“It’s your turn now Michelle.”

“Oh, ok can I ask a group question, to all of you?”

They think about it and then they all nod.

“Ok then. Who is single and who is dating?”

“We are all single apart from Liam, he is dating Danielle.” Harry says and flashes a grin at me. “So that means I’m totally available and we know that you are too!”

Harry is back to his normal flirtatious self, he has got over his previous strop.

“So Michelle how do you like England?” Niall asks. I think about it for a bit and then say “It’s ok, not as hot as the US but it’s nice and I’ve met some lovely people here!”

Louis leans over to his ‘haz-bear’ and mock whispers “She’s talking about us.”

We all laugh again, Louis is just generally fun to be around!

“We better head up to bed, it’s getting late and we all have an interview tomorrow.” Liam, the sensible one, prods the hyper Louis.

I freeze. Interview?

“What interview?” I ask.

“It’s on tomorrow with Alan Carr, don’t panic Simon and your management arranged it all and they will tell us what kind of stuff to say tomorrow at the television studio.” Niall says and he ruffles my hair.

I nod wearily, the interview fears will have to wait until tomorrow, I am too tired...

Sorry if this chapter isn’t the best, it’s just a filler before the interview. I have been thinking about this story a lot. Is anybody reading it? I won’t update everyday if no-one is reading and enjoying this story! Can you please let me know if you are reading it in the comments below because I need your feedback or else I won’t keep updating!!! On a lighter note, I want to hold a competition. I can’t let you be the boys girlfriends because they all need to be single for events in the story, however you can be Ed Sheeran’s or Josh Devine’s. If you want to be please just say your name, a short description of you and why you should be the girlfriend in the comments. Thanks and sorry for any mistakes and for the long author note, love from purrfect_carrie! xxx

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