Stars Collided

Michelle Star, aspiring singer from the US, is touring in the UK. Her managament arranges for her to work with 1D and create a new hit album. However she has caught the eye of ALL the boys in 1D...Who will get her 1st. Find out in my movella :)


1. Arrival in England

Chapter 1-

‘You have now arrived in England.’  The captain’s voice sounded over the aeroplanes speaker and I stretched ready to leave. My personal assistant took my bags and then, with my 2 bodyguards behind me, we walked off the plane into my limo which was waiting for me. My chauffeur nods at me as I slide into the back.                                                                    

     “Miss Star, I trust your plane journey was comfortable?”                        

      “First class is always comfortable Charley!” I grin.

You are probably wondering who I am and why I travel in 1rst class and have a chauffeur. My name is Michelle Star, I’m a famous US singer and I’m only 18 years old. People say I’m the next Taylor Swift, just without the country style songs. I am touring in the UK; it’s to launch my new album ‘Star shine’.

“Where to Miss Star?” Charley asks.

By the way Charley is my chauffeur! I bite my lip debating where I want to go.                            

   “What’s the time?” I ask. Charley checks his watch.                       

     “Just gone 5 Miss, why are you hungry?” He replies. I smile, dear old Charley looking out for me.                                                                            

   “No, Charley I’m fine. Can you drive me to my hotel so I can get ready?”                                                                                  Charley nods.

“Of course Miss Star, may I ask ready for what?”                           

   “Charley you should know! I just arrived in England I want to go to my 1st English club!”                                                                               

     Charley laughs fondly. “Of course Miss Star, of course!”

We pull up outside my hotel and I suck in my breath.                          

       “Wow Charley look at this place!”                                                                                  

  Charley smiles at me fondly, “Only the best for you Miss Star!”

As my helpers carry in my bags and sort out room keys, I rush up to my bedroom and grin at its hugeness. Hey I may be 18 but I’m still a kid at heart! My helpers have brought my bags up so I dive through them until I find the perfect outfit for tonight!

After I’m, dressed I look at the floor length mirror and I smile a little at my reflection. I am wearing a short strapless pale blue dress with silvers sparkles, with it I am wearing no tights (to show off my long tan legs, THANK YOU AMERICAN SUN!) and silver strappy high heels. I put on my silver charm bracelet, some silver stud earrings and then I am ready to move onto my hair and makeup. I don’t bother to straighten my naturally blonde curls, instead plaiting them into 3 plaits and then wrapping them round in a braided bun. Happy with the results, I move onto to my makeup. I put on a little light dusting of powder, not enough to turn my face orange but enough that my face won’t shine under club lights. Then I fluff up my lashes with some matt coal mascara, some silver eye shadow and lip-gloss and then I’m ready.

Charley is on his break, looking at maps of England so he will know the routes, so I have a different driver this evening.                          

   “Good evening Miss Star, I trust that you are well? My name is Robin and I will be your driver this evening. Where would you like to go?”       

I smile at Robin. “A good night club. Do you know of one?”          

  Robin nods. “Collision, it’s a V.I.P night club just for the celebs. Your management have informed every club and restraunt in the area of your arrival so your name should be on the list.”

“Perfect!” I smile.

As the car stops I peer out of the window and see a pulsing bright building with ‘Collision’ written in lights on the building wall. I am ushered right in and I look at my surroundings. I see bright lights, cute guys and girls in short dresses. “Welcome to England Michelle Star” I say to myself. “Welcome to England”...

Author note! Hi guys so this was the 1rst chapter hope you liked it! If there is any mistakes please tell me!  Sorry for the lack of 1D but they will be appearing in the next chapter. Well one of them will. I will upload it later today.  Please tell me what you thought in the comments! Love from purrfect_carrie xxx

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