The Lucky One

Famous Harry Styles and Bella Armstrong had fallen in love and everybody knew it. two years. Two years of fun, happiness, and most importantly, romance. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Bella found out that Harry had been cheating on her for a year. Now, Bella not only has to deal with the fact that the love of her life had lied to her, but now she has to LIVE with him until she finds a place of her own. But it might not all be bad. Who knows, they might start talking to one another again. But what will happen when all secrets come out? Will Bella ever trust Harry again? Will love conquer all? READ & FIND OUT!


2. Memories

"You what?" i asked, obviously dumb-strucked by his statement.

He moved closer but i stepped back, increasing the space between us. then he said, "i miss you. i miss us."

"Well maybe you should have thought about that BEFORE you decided to cheat on me>" i said. Then i shoved him out and locked the door behind him. 

Quickly, i changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a white camisole, gray cardigan, and brown knee-high ankle boots. I slicked my hair into a neat ponytail, grabbed my phone and my wallet off the nightstand and ran off  the flat, not wanting another confrontation with Harry.

As i walked to Benny's,  my favourite coffee shop, i thought back to when i found Harry had been cheating. It was 3 months ago, 4 maybe, and it was Valentine's Day. I was so excited because Harry and the boys had been back from a 6 month tour and i missed Harry. I knew that 6 months of no sex probably drove him crazy, so i had a special surprise in store for him.

I was sitting in my favourite couch in the living room watching t.v., when the doorbell rang. I got up and padded across the wooded floor and opened the door to greet our mailman, Henry, smiling, wearing top to bottom pink and red. He was holding a big bouquet of flowers in one hand, and a teddy bear on the other.

"Hey Henry." i smiled.

"hello ms Armstrong." he smiled back. 'Happy Valentine's Day."

"You too." i said. " are these for me?" i pointed at the flowers.

"I hope so." he said handing it to me. "Just sign here"

I signed the paper and waved Henry goodbye. 

I shut the door and went back to my couch, smiling at the thought of Harry making time to send out flowers and a bear. There was a letter attached to it. i opened it and read it.

"Hey babe, i just got back from tour and i can't wait to see you. First i have to stop by the flat and see Bella so she won't get mad or suspect. I miss you Darla. Wear something pretty for me;)...Harry"

I closed the letter, shocked of what i had just read. Harry had cheated on me. From the looks of it, for a while now. I waited until he came home, and when he did, all hell broke loose. I asked him and he denied it, but later on he admitted that had cheated on me for a year and a half now. i ended it right there and there...

Halfway through, i stopped in my tracks, turned my heels round, and started to run fast. Shortly after, i landed at the flat. I let myself in and started looking for Harry. The flat was empty and quiet.

"Harry?" i yelled through the empty flat. I heard rough talking coming from up in his room, so i followed. 

"Harry i need to tell you somet-" i was cut off by what i had seen. Harry, pinning Darla against the wall. He looked at me, and i knew he was angry. I saw it in his eyes. Then he did something that tore me apart.

He started to cry.

"She won't leave me alone Bella." he almost murmured. "Tell her to leave me alone. i don't want to hurt her."

"Darla." i said moving towards her. I moved close enough to yank her by the elbow and drag her down the stairs.

"You're hurting me." she complained. 

"Now you know the feeling, Huh?" i asked. I pulled her down to the entrance, opened the door, and shoved her out. Then i said, "He's mine. He's always been mine. Leave us alone. You've done enough." then i slammed the door, not letting her speak again.

I turned round and Harry was standing with his hands in his pockets. His eyes were red, tears began to stream rapidly down his face when i began to cry. I slowly walked towards him. I wrapped my arms round his waist and burried my face in his chest, breathing in his familiar scent. Vanilla, mint, and a hint of coconut. He wrapped his hand round my shoulder and dug his face in my neck. We stood there, for what seemed like years. I missed hugging him. His strong hold.

He pulled his head back and lifted my chin with his index finger, forcing me to look into his beautiful green eyes. Then he kissed me. His lips soft and warm against mine. 

"I love you." he murmured through my lips. 

"I know." i whispered, then i wrapped my hands round his neck and pulled him in for a more deep, romantic kiss. "I love you too. Don't ever hurt me again."

"I won't. i promise." He murmured, his kisses more rough. "You're my angel."

I hoped that he was actually saying the truth. I hoped he was, for my heart's sake. I don't know what i would do if he hurt me again. 

I wanted us to last. I wanted a lifetime with him. To get married. Have kids, maybe. Grow old together. I wanted him. He was my first love. The one i'd lost my virginity to. The one i trusted. I wanted to keep it that way.





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