In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


11. Watching Grease and setting out for Nandos

Once Rachel, Liam and Niall had finished what breakfast was left, Louis cried: "It's time for Grease!" Rachel, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie and Niall then went into the living room. Before the disc was put into the television, Niall asked: "Who will be who?"
Liam: "I'll be Danny."
Rachel: "I'll be Sandy."
Everybody else except Liam: "Awww."
Louis: "I'll be Kenickie."
Eleanor: "I'll be Rizzo."
Perrie: "I'll be Jan."
Zayn: "I'll be Putzie."
Niall: "I'll be whichever guys are left."
Rachel: "Alright. Let's do it!" Perrie then placed Grease into the television and Rachel blew everyone away with her voice once more.

When they finished watching Grease, Liam asked: "What time is it?"
Niall: "It's eleven in the morning"
Liam: "Okay, but what time do you want to go Nandos?"
Niall: "About one in the afternoon."
Louis: "That's probably the best time. What do you think, El?"
Eleanor: "That sounds like the best time. What about you, Perrie? Zayn?"
Perrie and Zayn: "That sounds great."
Liam: "It does. But I would like to go now because I want to take Rachel shopping before and after dinner."
Everybody else except Rachel: "Awwww."
Rachel: "Okay, then. Let's go! Can I come with you in your car, Liam?"
Liam: "I'd like nothing more. Louis, will Eleanor be going with you in your car?"
Louis: "It depends on what she wants to do. What do you think, El? Would you like to come with me in my car?"
Eleanor: "I'd love to."
Perrie: "Alright. I'll be going with Zayn and Niall will be going in his own car. Now, let's go!" Rachel and Liam got into Liam's car, Niall got into his car, Louis and Eleanor got into Louis' car and Zayn and Perrie got into his car. Then, they all set off into town.

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