In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


7. Twitter and Elounor get together

When Rachel woke up the following day, she saw Liam still asleep, smiling. She then got her phone and logged onto her Twitter. She went onto her profile and saw that she had five new followers: Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn! She was so excited and almost cried when she saw the following tweets:

@zaynmalik: Hope Perrie's best friend @RachelPayne is feeling better!

@Harry_Styles: Don't let infidelity get you down, @RachelPayne because you are amazing and you don't deserve it!

@Louis_Tomlinson: It was so nice to meet @RachelPayne yesterday. She is a great girl and I don't know why that ex of hers cheated xxxx

@NiallOfficial: Met a really nice girl yesterday. @RachelPayne is great and she doesn't deserve what has happened to her xox

@Real_Liam_Payne: I met the most beautiful girl yesterday. @RachelPayne is amazing and I have a lot in common with her.

Rachel smiled when she saw this and tweeted all of the boys:

@RachelPayne: I am feeling a lot better @zaynmalik. Thanks x

@RachelPayne: Thanks @Harry_Styles. It means a lot to have people like you in my life right now xx

@RachelPayne: Thanks for the compliment @Louis_Tomlinson! I don't know why he cheated either xxxx

@RachelPayne: Thanks @NiallOfficial. Do you want to go to Nandos with me later? xxxx

@RachelPayne: Thanks for calling me beautiful @Real_Liam_Payne. Do you want to come Nandos with me and Niall later? xxxxx

As Rachel sent that tweet to Liam, she felt his phone vibrate and he woke up to see why his phone vibrated. It was Rachel's tweet. He smiled at this and he turned to Rachel and said: "I'd love to go Nandos with you."
Rachel: "Great." Rachel then leaned in to kiss Liam, but their moment was interrupted when Niall screamed: "Hello!"
Rachel: "Good morning Nialler. You alright?"
Niall: "Yes I'm fine because I get to go to Nandos with my two best friends."
Liam: "Thanks Niall. Can you do me a favour?"
Niall: "Sure."
Liam: "Can you go and get my Batman suitcase from my car?"
Niall: "Sure." Liam gave Niall the keys to his car and Niall left the room to get Liam's suitcase. When Niall shut the door, Rachel asked Liam: "Why is he getting a suitcase from your car?"
Liam: "I have to get changed and I want to look good for a beautiful girl like you."
Rachel: "Why do you keep calling me beautiful?"
Liam: "'Cause you are beautiful. What are you going to wear anyway?" At this point, Rachel got out of her bed, much to Liam's disappointment, and made her way to one of her wardrobes. She got out a simple white top, a Batman hoodie, a pair of black skinny jeans and from the bottom, a pair of black heels. Rachel laid it all on her bed and when Liam saw the hoodie, he said: "Rachel, you've got a great hoodie."
Rachel: "Thanks. It's actually because of you I bought it." Liam blushed a little when she said this, but he asked: "Why is it because of me?"
Rachel: "When I saw your identical Batman hoodie, I just had to get one."
Liam: "You really are amazing."
Rachel: "Thanks. Can I ask you something about my friend Eleanor and Louis?"
Liam: "Sure."
Rachel: "Do you think they like one another?"
Liam: "Definitely. But can I ask you something about something different?" Rachel was about to answer, but then Louis and Eleanor came in and greeted the pair. Rachel and Liam then both noticed that Louis and Eleanor were holding hands. Rachel asked Eleanor: "What's going on between you two?"
Eleanor: "We are dating." 
Liam and Rachel: "Awwwww." Rachel and Liam then hugged the pair and congratulated them on their newfound relationship. Once that was all over and done with, Louis said: "Right, we'll leave you two to it then."
Rachel: "Thanks Louis." Louis and Eleanor, still holding hands, left the room and then Niall came back in with Liam's suitcase.
Liam: "What took you so long?"
Niall: "I was having breakfast." When Liam muttered under his breath: "Typical."
Niall: "What? You know what I'm like with food?"
Liam: "Yes I do. Thanks Nialler."
Niall: "You're welcome. I'll see you in a bit."
Liam:"Alright." Niall then left the bedroom once more and Rachel asked: "What were you going to ask me, anyway?"
Liam: "What? Oh, right. I wanted to ask you when we could have that dinner."
Rachel: "As long as I don't eat too much at Nandos, we can go out later if you want to."
Liam: "That sounds great, Rachel. Thanks."
Rachel: "You're welcome." Rachel then leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Liam's lips and said: "We better get dressed and get downstairs."
Liam: "Alright." Rachel and Liam both got dressed and went downstairs, talking about all of the things that they have in common. They also talked about how much they like one another.

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