In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


6. The first 'I love you'

Rachel and Liam finished unpacking her stuff and Liam asked: "Ready for that Friends marathon?"
Rachel: "Yes. But have you got food?"
Liam: "You are just like Niall when it comes to food. But it's cute, so I don't care."
Rachel: "Alright."
Liam: "What do you want because I have popcorn of all flavours."
Rachel: "I'll have that popcorn. Do you have any chocolate?"
Liam: "You do in your mini fridge."
Rachel: "I love you Liam!" Realising what she just said, Rachel said: "I didn't mean to say that. I take it back."
Liam: "No, Rachel. Don't take it back."
Rachel: "What are you talk--- -----." Rachel's words were cut off when Liam planted his lips on hers. When the kiss was over, Rachel asked Liam: "What was that for?"
Liam: "I love you too."
Rachel: "Really?"
Liam: "Really. Why do you think I offered to help you unpack? I want to spend as much time with you as possible."
Rachel: "Thanks Liam."
Liam: "You're welcome. Listen, I know you've just broken up with your boyfriend, but I was wondering if you'd consider going out to dinner with me some time."
Rachel: "I'd love to go to dinner with you, Liam."
Liam: "Really?"
Rachel: "Really. I really do love you, Liam and I love spending time with you."
Liam: "Well, thank you, Rachel."
Rachel: "You're welcome. Now, what about that Friends marathon?"
Liam: "Let's do it!" Rachel and Liam then watched Friends and they soon fell asleep in each other's arms.


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