In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


2. Packing up belongings

Rachel got back to the flat she was moving out of due to to Thomas' infidelity. They began to pack the stuff and Rachel said: "I just can't believe Thomas did this. I thought he loved me."
Cheryl: "I thought that when I first split with Ashley, pet."
Eleanor: "What did you do to get over it, Cheryl? You see, I thought that we could give Rachel a few pointers."
Perrie: "That's not a bad idea, Eleanor."
Eleanor: "Thanks, Perrie. What did you do anyway, Cheryl?"
Cheryl: "The first thing I did was cut all ties with Ashley. I did that by moving out of the house, which is what you're doing now."
Rachel: "Right.  What did you do next, Cheryl?"
Cheryl: "I listened to Taylor Swift and tweeted some of her lyrics. The next thing I did was write my own breakup songs and the last thing I did was start to date somebody else."
Rachel: "They're great ideas. Thanks for that, Cheryl."
Cheryl: "You're welcome. But I have a better idea for the Taylor Swift thing for you."
Rachel: "What is it?"
Cheryl: "We could record you singing I Knew You Were Trouble."
Rachel: "That's good, but how is that a better idea?"
Cheryl: "Well, when we get to Perrie's we could do the recording and then put it on all of our Facebooks and Twitters."
Perrie: "That's not a bad idea. But you know how we can make it even better?" Rachel, Eleanor and Cheryl all looked confused, so they asked: "How?"
Perrie: "We could record you doing a few other Taylor Swift songs and put them over Facebook, Twitter and the biggest one of all- YouTube." Rachel was thrilled at this point, so she hugged Perrie and said: "You are brilliant, Perrie. Absolutely brilliant. But anyway, how much packing have we got left?"
Eleanor: "Well because we are all so good at packing at a speedy rate whilst having a conversation, we have got the bottom drawer in here. Then, we've only got the bathroom and the kitchen."
Rachel: "Don't forget the CDs and stuff because if Thomas thinks he can keep my boxsets of Friends, Twilight and Harry Potter, he can think again."
Eleanor: "Alright. So are we almost done?"
Cheryl: "Yes, Eleanor."
Eleanor: "Alright, but how are we going to fit all of this in our four cars?" Everybody looked puzzled for a while, until they heard Perrie say: "I have an idea."

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