In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


5. Moving in with Perrie

As Rachel, Liam, Eleanor, Louis, Perrie, Zayn, Niall and Harry got onto the drive of Perrie's house, almost everybody thought: "This place is incredible." Louis then said to Rachel and Perrie: "You girls are lucky to be living in a place like this."
Rachel and Perrie: "We know." They both laughed at this before Niall said: "Can you show us to Rachel's room, Perrie? We can take these bags up." They then got the bags out of the cars and Perrie took them all to Rachel's room. They got to Rachel's room and it was already fully furnished. Rachel turned to Perrie and said: "This is just how I would have wanted it and I have two wardrobes and a chest of drawers as well as the space under my bed. Thank you so much, Perrie." Perrie said she would have been happy to help. She then took Cheryl, Eleanor, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry to the kitchen to make some dinner while Rachel assisted Liam taking the remainder of her suitcases up to her room. As they put them down, Rachel said: "That's the last of them and I really appreciate the help, Liam. It means a lot."
Liam: "There's no need to thank me Rachel. Besides, you're a nice girl and I'd love to help."
Rachel: "Thanks, Liam."
Liam: "You're welcome. But what do you like to do in your spare time, anyway?"
Rachel: "Not much. But I do like to watch the football sometimes."
Liam: "Really? What football team do you support?"
Rachel: "West Bromwich Albion."
Liam: "Really!?! Me too!"
Rachel: "That is so cool! I'm glad we have something in common."
Liam: "Me too. Would you like me to help you unpack your stuff? We can talk while we unpack."
Rachel: "I'd really like that." Rachel and Liam then began to unpack and Liam asked Rachel: "What are your favourite films?"
Rachel: "I like the film Click with Adam Sandler in and I can't help but love the Toy Story films. They're amazing."
Liam: "You can't get more perfect. What's your favourite television programme?"
Rachel: "It may be quite old, but I love Friends. I also really like Everybody Loves Raymond."
Liam: "You really cannot get more perfect." Rachel blushed a little and she said: "Liam, when we're done, would you like to watch Friends? I have the boxset in one of my bags."
Liam: "I'd love to. Thanks Rachel."
Rachel: "You're welcome." Rachel and Liam carried on unpacking Rachel's belongings and all they could think about was how sweet and perfect the other one was.

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