In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


1. Heartbroken

Rachel was at lunch with her best friends Cheryl, Eleanor and Perrie. She was having a really good time until she saw her boyfriend Thomas with his arms draped around her friend, or should I say 'friend' Sarah. When Rachel saw this, she askedi Cheryl: "What should I do?"
Cheryl: "You should confront him."
Rachel: "Really?"
Cheryl: "Yes."
Eleanor: "She's right. Go on."
Perrie: "Eleanor's right. Do it and do it now."
Rachel: "Alright I will." Rachel rose from her chair and made her way to Thomas and Sarah. When she got to them, she asked Thomas: "Thomas, what the hell is going on here?"
Thomas: "Rachel, I can explain."
Rachel: "I don't have time for your excuses, Thomas. Not now, anyway. You see, I have to go and pack my bags and move back in with Perrie."
Thomas: "Move back in with her, then. I don't care."
Rachel: "You will care when you go back to an almost empty apartment. I say that because most of the stuff in that place is mine and because I am moving back in with Perrie, I am taking all that stuff with me."
Thomas: "You won't fit that into Perrie's flat. It's even smaller than ours."
Rachel: "Oh yes I will fit it in there."
Sarah: "Rachel, I've seen Perrie's flat and I've seen how much stuff you've got. There is no way you'll fit it all in there."
Rachel: "Shut up Sarah because I no longer wish to speak with you and I will fit it all in Perrie's house."
Thomas and Sarah: "How?" As Thomas and Sarah said this, Perrie, Eleanor and Cheryl rose from their chairs. Perrie then said: "FYI, I have just bought a big mansion with a pool and a balcony attached to every bedroom. So, Rachel will be able to fit all her stuff in her room because she is very organised and all the bedrooms are rather big."
Thomas: "Sorry for saying something."
Eleanor: "You better be sorry because you have just broke my best friend's heart. We've already paid, so let's go and get your stuff packed, Rachel."
Rachel: "Yes."
Cheryl: "We better go because there's something else you need to do." When Cheryl said this, Rachel looked incredibly confused, so she asked: "What's that, Cheryl?"
Cheryl: "You need to call Hell and make sure they have two reservations for when these two jerk faces drop dead."
Rachel: "Right. Thanks for reminding me, Cheryl."
Cheryl: "You're welcome. Now, let's go." Rachel agreed to do so, as did Eleanor and Perrie. They left the restaurant and Rachel was both single and heartbroken.

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