In Love with Liam Payne

Liam Payne fanfic. Includes appearances from Perrie, Eleanor, Cheryl Cole and others.


18. Encounter with Ed Sheeran- an Elounor chapter

Eleanor and Louis were looking for Niall, Rachel, Liam, Zayn and Perrie when they bumped into a rather tall person with ginger hair. The person apologised and said: "I'm sorry." Eleanor accepted the apology for both her and Louis and when the person looked up, she realised it was Ed Sheeran. Ed said: "Hi Louis. You alright?"
Louis: "We're fine. I'd like to introduce you to my girlfriend Eleanor."
Ed: "It's nice to meet you, Eleanor."
Eleanor: "It's nice to meet you too, Ed."
Ed: "Thanks. What you two doing here anyway?"
Louis: "Just looking. What about you?"
Ed: "Just looking. Think I might get the Christmas shopping done early, though."
Louis: "Cool. How's the love life?"
Ed: "I don't have time for a girlfriend. I'm in America a lot lately and these rumours just keep spreading and they're doing my head in."
Eleanor: "Why? What's happened, Ed?"
Ed: "There are a load of rumours going round that I'm going out with Taylor Swift."
Eleanor: "Does Harry know?"
Ed: "I don't think he does."
Louis: "What would be so bad about it if Harry did find out?" Eleanor and Ed looked at Louis in disbelief and Eleanor said: "Are you completely out of your mind, Louis? If you don't seem to recall, our young Mr Styles used to date Miss Swift."
Louis: "Oh right. I forgot that." Eleanor and Ed shook their heads at what they were hearing coming out of Louis' mouth. Louis said: "Sorry for acting stupid. I just have a really bad memory sometimes."
Eleanor: "Alright. We forgive you."
Louis: "Thanks, Eleanor. So, we'll see you soon, Ed."
Ed: "Right. See you soon. Nice to meet you, Eleanor." 
Eleanor: "It was nice to meet you too." Ed then walked off and Eleanor and Louis walked off in a different direction hand in hand. 

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