Forbidden Birds

Again, just messing around with ideas.


4. Chapter 4

The cell is always dark and quiet. That's why I have no clue how many days, hours or mere minutes it has been since we were thrown here. It's cold too, always. I cringe into Daniel further. It's so cold. We're sitting in the corner, our arms locked around each other, desperately trying to conserve some heat. 


His face is almost touching mine. "Hm?"

"I'm sorry."

He laughs, his breath swirling into my face. 

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Elise."

I gulp. I do. "If I hadn't had that stupid idea, dragged you into it..." 

He shifts slightly, and adjusts his arms around me. "I'm glad to be part of it. You know I felt that way too, you just got there before me." He sighs "I'd never abandon you, Elise. Even if you have crazy ideas."

I close my eyes "What do you think they're going to do to us?"

"I don't know. You know...I could take the blame for it."

I open my eyes and pull away slightly "What?!"

He's looking back at me coolly "I could, if you want."

I grit my teeth "You will not."

"Calm your face, Elise."

"Don't tell me to do that."

He sighs "Don't get so worked up."

"I will not let you take the blame." I growl. 

We stay silent for a bit.

"What are you going to do when we get out of here?" Daniel finally asks. 

"You're optimistic." I cough "I don't know what I'd do."

"Wanna know what I would do?"

"You're going to tell me anyway."

He smiles faintly "I'd eat a whole cake. You know, the really creamy ones with the cherries and chocolates?"

I frown "You'd eat a cake? Not go on a protest or strike?"

He nods "I'd eat a cake."

I start to laugh and shake, my shoulders moving against his arms "You're a piece of work, Daniel." I grin.

He smiles back "But you still love me."

My laughing subsides to a smile "What?"

He looks at me then starts laughing "Nothing. Nothing, it's okay."

There's something off about his laugh though, and his arms slack around me. I stop smiling.

"What's wrong?"

He smiles grimly "I said nothing, Elise."



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